Easy Language Source Recovery Decompiler

(All formats supported!! ELD of Tradestation 6,7,8,9,10 and ELS of Tradestation 2000i)
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VizibleSoft Easy Language Online Decompiler can recreate EasyLanguage source code from a compiled .ELS ( ELD ) "source-protected" token-only storage format.

How EasyLanguage decompiler works?

The decompiler generates one .TXT (plain text) file for each Token file (every indicator, function ..etc) found inside ELS/ELD package. The generated source code is guaranteed to be recompilable without any changes, and the recompiled program appears visually* and functionally identical to the original compiled program.

Check this screenshot, which compares decompiled and original source of the "Mov Avg Envelopes" indicator, taken from the standard TS2000i distribution. Indicator was exported as "Export EasyLanguage ELS protected" and then fed to decompiler.

Check our Decompiler Guarantee for more details.

* The source is identical visually, except stripped comments. All the rest is completely identical. EasyLanguage words/functions names may be presented with their synonyms.
** Starting with TS v8.08 (released June,2004) original variable and array names are replaced with auto-numbered names.

How much will it cost?

The decompilation of each token file (one indicator, one function, etc) cost depends on the size of the token file. Price is calculated with a simple formula: each kilobyte costs $1. To find out exact size and prices of every token file within ELS/ELD package you may upload your package and check that before proceeding with decompilation.
Note that ELD(ELS) is a compressed storage and actual size/price of the particular study is calculated after it's decompression.

How to pay?

We accept all major payment methods, processed via oldest software store SWREG (Now DigitalRiver / Share-It). After you create your personal account you can buy decompilation credit anytime and use it for your files.

creditki.gif (5K) paypal accepted webmoney accepted

How I can try decompiler before..?

Very easy. It is a very neat feature we put in. If you compile your program with two COMMENTARY("decompile me") lines, everything between these lines will be decompiled free of charge! Please note: this option is now discontinued and demo mode will likely produce no results for TS8.8+ ELD files. After 17 years in the business our reputation is beyond any suspicion now and so we welcome you to use paid decompiler.

Legal agreement.

Usage of the decompiler should be restricted to the legal uses, read our Service Agreement for more details. Some of the fair uses when source retrieval was a life-saver for our customers:

a) You are the developer or copyright holder and have lost the source code to your application
b) You have paid to have an application developed and now have bugs discovered or any others issues to resolve, yet you cannot locate the original developer.
c) You need to retrieve source to build interoperable products.
d) The developer is no longer in business and you require to port the source to MetaTrader or other platforms.

There are many more authorized applicable uses.

Unfortunately, EasyLanguage file format was never secure by it's design and token-only file format, firstly introduced in TradeStation 2000i, has not improved it much more. Developers of the commercial packages are using third-party protection tools, such as DiamondLock, which indeed(?) provide a decent protection against unauthorized copying and source analysis. We provide our own protection template to help developers protect their code. We do not condone piracy.

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