EasyLanguage ELA - ELS - ELD Password Recovery
(ELS of Tradestation 2000i, ELD of Tradestation 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 are supported)
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VizibleSoft EasyLanguage Online Password recovery will help you to recover lost passwords for your studies.

What will I get?

This depends on the TS version you've saved your files with.
For TS before v8.8, you can get password or source. The online recovery tool will show password on a screen.
In some cases, when you've typed password using local charset, it will not be possible for us to support that charset and display exact password, thus we'll strip password(s) from your file and offer to download source in a pure form.
For TS 8.8+ in some cases you can recover original source.

How it works?

Simple as 1-2-3:
1. You upload your ELS/ELD file for examination.
2. You are presented with package contents and listing of all files, including those password/source protected.
3. You select which passwords/sources to recover and receive result on screen or in downloadable form.

How much will it cost?

The recovery for one unique password (or the whole source code, if possible) costs $99. If your package has the same password on more than one different study, you won't be charged more than once.

How I pay?

We accept all major payment methods. After you create your personal account you can buy password recovery credit anytime and use it for your files.

creditki.gif (5K)

Credits can be purchased after uploading your files for examination and a price quote.

What about older ELA files?

Yes, they are supported and it's free. You may download our command-line tool to recover lost passwords for Tradestation .ASC files:


Usage is simple:
put this program to the OMEGA folder, where your .ASC files are stored, and run it. It'll scan the whole folder for files with passwords and send output to text file password.out

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