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This website is a home of EasyLanguage decompiler
(The one and only. Servicing since 2003)

You can use it to recover lost passwords or protected source code of your studies.

The cost is $1 per kilobyte of original compiled code or $99 per one item for newer (since 2012) .ELD files.

When you decompile easy language code, it is converted from easylanguage (eld, els) to a text file. Check "EL Source Recovery" section in the menu on the left.

September, 2017

We do continue to support source recovery for all up to date versions of TradeStation. Please note, however, that this doesn't apply to TradeStation Network or TradeStation TradingApp© Store files; there are no valid circumstances when you might need to recover those files.

October, 2015

No news is a good news; our service is working perfectly and reliably as ever.

20 January, 2014

Our e-mail address was not working for a while due to mail server misconfiguration. All is now operational and if your mail to us was returned, please re-send it again.

February, 2013

Our service is turning *10 years old* this month!
We have worked hard over all these years to keep our service up to date and support newer developments and we are very proud to be offering our unmatched expertise to the customers of all walks in life, among them: Hedge funds, Government agencies and, of course, individual investors.

Contact us for special discounts on your recovery needs during February.

September, 2012

All services are running normally. Decompilation/source recovery takes just a few seconds, so you can download your result immediately without waiting.

.EFS E-signal - July, 2011

We can now restore encrypted source of .EFS E-signal files of Enhanced encryption. All EFS2 and EFS3 files are now supported. Please proceed to E-signal EFS recovery page for more info.

TS8.8, TS 9, TS 10 Source Recovery supported - April, 2011

We've added support for Easy language source recovery for TS8.8+ ELD files. Original source code can be recovered.

TradeStation 8.8 - August, 2010

Support of new ELD files from Tradestation 8.8 (and above) is now added to the decompiler.

TradeStation 8.7 - June, 2010

The decompiler now supports decompilation of files from the latest Tradestation 8.7.

1st Feb 2010: News

You can now purchase decompiler credits in the exact amount required. As before, all payments are processed by our partner - - the oldest software store in the world.

Just upload your files for an examination and a price quote. You will be able to purchase credits afterwards.

TradeStation 8.6 - June, 2009

The decompiler now supports files from the latest Tradestation 8.6.

TradeStation 8.5 - March, 2009

We are happy to confirm that our ELD decompiler supports files from the latest Tradestation 8.5.

TradeStation 8.4 - January, 2009

We are happy to confirm that our ELD decompiler supports files from the latest Tradestation 8.4.

October, 2008

We can also recover lost passwords for trading studies in .SPE files of HTS (Home Trading System) (SniperIDE editor, Sniper Pro). Contact us for a quote.

August, 2007

Done a couple of bugfixes and updates to the ELD decompiler so it now works even better :). Are you happy with the current payment methods? Do you want more? Let us know.

April, 2006

We are *not* working on decompiler for EFS2 Enchanced Encryption E-Signal file format. If you are interested -- let us know so we can speed-up process seeing there is enough demand.

4 January, 2005

We now offer E-Signal EFS (formula study) password recovery service.
(Please note, EFS2 is not supproted. Yet.)

5 October, 2004

It's is very amusing how TS Securities continually lying to their customers. To all of them. Those who lost their source code after poorly written upgrade and seek ways to recover it are told there is no way. Those who need to protect their systems for distribution are taught how simple and user-friendly it is, to export source to "protected" non-reversible ELD document. <Sigh>.

Two weeks ago I upgraded to 7.2 b 1563.
When I went to open my protected strategy
I rec'd the following:

The following file can not be opened since they
are source protected:

I can open any of the TS strategies but not my protected

I have about 15 strategies, How can open them?

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done.
Files that have been 'source protected' exist as binary
tokens. There is no 'text' to display.

Xxxx Xxxxx
EasyLanguage Engineer, TradeStation Securities

24 August, 2004

If you are software developer, you should not rely on the built-in document protection in Tradestation. If you intend to distribute your EasyLanguage studies in a protected form -- consider developing custom protection.

We have released C++ sources for the simple Dynamic-Link Library which could be used as a basis for building external protection module for EasyLanguage study.

Available for download in "[in]security" section.

25 Feb, 2003

First version of the online decompiler released.

How it become possible?

As it was known, there is no source code stored in ELS (and now, ELD) token-only storage format, which was firstly introduced in Omega Tradestation 2000i. Tradestation compiler keeps all language instructions in it's internal pseudo-code (token) format, which will be never readable again and can be only interpreted by a machine.

However, the compilation process appeared to be reversible and, amazingly, decompiled source looks exactly as the original!

So, if you have your compiled file but lose source - everything is not lost!

We believe our EasyLanguage online decompiler will help numerous traders and software developers, who was in anticipated demand for such source recovery tool.

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