E-Signal EFS Password Recovery, (c) 2003 - 2019
(All versions of E-signal files supported: password-protected EFS files and Enhanced Encryption files)
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VizibleSoft E-Signal Password recovery service will help you to recover lost passwords or lost source code for your studies.

We can recover source for any EFS file (that includes EFS2 / EFS3 encrypted files!)

What will I get?

Depending on the format of your EFS file:

- For older EFS files, our recovery tool will deliver your forgotten password to open the formula.

- For newer EFS files, also known as EFS2 / EFS3 (Enhanced encryption), our tool is able to decrypt and restore your original source code (even with comments! thankfully, nothing is lost).

How it works?

Currently we offer this service in manual mode, so you'll have to e-mail us the .efs file you are looking to recover.

What is the cost?

For password recovery - the cost is $75 per password. For source recovery - the cost is $150 per .efs file.

How I pay?

We accept all major payment methods through our secure credit card processor. Please use the link below to purchase required number of credit. Do not hesitate to e-mail us if you have any additional questions.

Click here to purchase $150 of credits.

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